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First you must pronounce it correctly:
in•sou•ci•ant /ɪnˈsu si ənt; French ɛ̃ suˈsyɑ̃/
Adjective: Free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree; nonchalant. 
 Lighthearted, debonair, jaunty, breezy.
It is the opposite of up-tight and stressed out.

The group consists of two guitarists Keith Watling and Gare Hofstad playing amplified acoustic guitars. Together they perform as a instrumental duo or as an ensemble with other musicians.

Keith plays an acoustic arch-top guitar, Maccaferri D hole and bass. Gare plays his beloved Craviola a Brazilian nylon or steel string guitar with a unique body shape originating from Brazil.

They have played together for over 6 years in a variety of clubs, wine bars, festivals, gallery openings, as well as private parties and weddings. They have a vast eclectic repertoire reflecting their many years of performing together. Their styles include jazz, latin jazz, hot club jazz, rock, blues, pop and classical. They are based in the Wauwatosa and have played venues  in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Racine, Kenosha, and Madison.